Math-Tech on Wheels is a private mobile tutoring company that strives to use technology and best teaching practices to increase the mathematical learning capacity of all of its customers. This company specializes in offering tutoring assistance in the areas of skill building, test taking strategies, and homework help. This company provides services for grades K-12, and college. The company specializes in secondary mathematics (grades 6 –12), and some college level math courses. Math-Tech on Wheels utilizes online resources, hands-on tools, and a variety of teaching strategies to reach each student’s learning potential.

Vision Statement

“To ensure that each student obtains enhanced mathematic understandings, and build upon math skills that will enable them to become a college and career ready independent learner.”


Demarko Thurman – CEO / Founder

The founder is a dedicated math educator and tutor who has over 20 years of experience, and has served as a math teacher for middle school, high school, and colleges in multiple states. What drives this company is the gratification of helping math students overcome their discomfort with math. Math-Tech on Wheels works hard to design learning and improvement plans that are tailored to the needs of each student, and puts forth maximum effort to ensure that every customer and parent is satisfied with the service.

Myesha Thurman – Business/Marketing Director

Myesha Thurman is a content and advertising marketing professional at Math-Tech on Wheels Tutoring. She is a graduate of Lane College in Jackson, TN, and has over 20 years of experience of building community relations and working with children in multiple educational capacities. As a driving force in
the growth of Math-Tech on Wheels Tutoring, she has built strong working relationships with families and business partners seeking to utilize the services of Math-Tech on Wheels for over 15 years.